2021 in Pisticci….an even hotter day ..

I was the epitome of “hot and bothered” today with a bit of anxiety on the side.

I was worried about starting my new enormous commission . It was merely ” big ” yesterday.

So worried in fact that I spent an hour lying on my bed with the fan on at full speed and ordered 3 packs of paintbrushes, 2 sets of primary colour acrylic paints, 2 large containers of white paint and 2 sets of black drawing pens. If I ordered more than €29 worth of anything the postage was free. Paint doesn’t go off . I was taking a risk with the paint brushes but as Italy seems to think that the 4th wave of the virus is about to begin then I may as well be prepared.

But mostly I was procrastinating.

Eventually I could not think of anything else to buy.

At that point I decided that the enormous painting was in the wrong place and I couldn’t stand far enough back to look at it and see how it was going.

It took another 30 mins and an embarrassing amount of bad language before I moved the easel and 2 portable gas heaters( currently being used as tables) in front of the shelves at the end of my workroom . Then I had to shut the shutters as the sun was blazing in the door and get my big light from next door. My art room looks messy now , but it was a good plan and this painting will mostly be viewed in artificial light.

To my surprise the actual painting went quite well and despite a sore back I got as much as I had planned done.

Small break now to enjoy gorgeous wind blowing down my street. Is most comfortable I’ve felt all day.


It’s 7pm now which is late for me to be writing this. I had meant to go up town ,but am too tired. There is something happening up near the church tonight. Maybe I will go take a look ……..

In the meantime I am quite excited about my next painting so the sooner I get the monster sized one finished the sooner I can get on with it.

My messy but functional workroom.

I think I will be sitting outside for a while yet as today ” cool” has been missing and I think I might need some time to get back to it.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Have just seen what the entertainment is tonight and I think I need to go…….

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