2021 in Pisticci….is to be hotter tomorrow…..

Today I was better organised and I think it was maybe a little cooler. The heat is the most important thing in my life right now as most of my time is spent keeping cool. In a normal year it would be as hot as this at the end of July. It just wouldn’t have started at the beginning of June. Two or 3 days of very hot used to be quite exciting. Temperatures in the mid thirties were quite bearable , but this year including a sore back it has been quite a lot to deal with.

I was wondering if the heat is making it worse. It’s been interesting ( to me at least) that now that I have a problem I am making myself go out for a walk every day and have not missed a day doing a more thorough set of yoga exercises.

Today I went uptown before 9am and bought cardio aspirins, wine and carrots and got invited to take part in an art class. My social life is getting out of hand. 🤣

Last night’s concert was not at all what I expected. It was baroque music I think , but it was very peaceful, in a beautiful setting and with free wine.

The church is at the top of Pisticci with lovely views.

Tonight the same organisation has several more events planned and I am looking forward to going. I’ll take my mask and wear it if I am in a crowd but am planning to stay on the outside. Last night I perched on a wall and felt fine.

There’s a show on tonight in the piazza near me and maybe I will watch from the street above.

Most of today I spent painting tulip leaves and tulips. I think it will take me another 2 days at least to finish.

I have decided to disguise myself in my next painting , which I am in , by giving myself grey hair. It’s a long story ,but I’m looking forward to painting it and then writing about it . After the exhibition.

It is blissfully windy sitting outside tonight. If I was a proper Italian , I would have been at the beach this morning,came home and eaten a large meal and then slept for 3 or 4 hours. After which I would have a snack , get all dressed up, go out about 9pm and stay out until 2am.

I tried to sleep this afternoon ,but dozed for about 10 minutes and then went back to work.

Wine time now and then it will be time to go out. 🍷🍷cheers.

Facebook memory from 6 years ago.

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