2021 in Pisticci….fireworks, church bells and a brass band…..

It was impossible not to feel a little cheerful this morning with all that going on. There was also cheering from some of the young people who had possibly spent the whole night out in the open up by the castle.

That was the best bit of today.

It was even hotter and a fan on at full was not making very much difference. In between carrying on painting tulips most of the rest of the time I spent lying on my bed studying how to paint tulips and hoping I would fall asleep and then it would be evening. I also occasionally lingered in the fridge.

Me today

However , now thanks to BIOFREEZE gel I am feeling much better. It more or less does what it says on the tube. It’s a sort of green gel which when rubbed on my back makes it feel better and very cold. I suppose it’s the opposite of deep heat treatment. I only have one tube so I’ve been saving it ,but I wish I had used it earlier today.

My tulip painting would be better if I accepted that there is not in this case a quick way to paint about a hundred tulips. I am making progress , but not as quickly as I would like.

If it hadn’t been a commission and due next week I probably wouldn’t have painted today.

I might just stay in tonight and hopefully get a good night’s sleep. Last night when I went out I lasted 15 mins watching fire eaters and drummers and then came home and sat on my doorstep with a glass of wine and spoke to the cats.

I was so hot and tired and achey that I couldn’t be bothered cooking and found a box of homemade lasagne in the freezer. That was a treat.

At least tomorrow is Monday and if I really try , with enthusiasm and energy, to paint tulips , maybe I could finish the painting.

And perhaps I should order some more Biofreeze so that I can use it for as long as I need it.

Thank goodness it’s wine time. 🍷🍷


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