2021 in Pisticci….a few degrees make a big difference……

I was glad to hear that my friend who has lived here longer than me thought that yesterday was the hottest day she had experienced here. She also said Italian friends were saying how bad it was as well.

That’s  a relief as I thought maybe I was just finding the heat more difficult to deal with as I got older.

Today has been much better. My 2 fans can cope perfectly well and I was able to open the shutters while painting so that the light was better and it was much easier to see colours. 

Also I can sit down and stand up without going…” Ow, ow ow” today.

It could be the paracetamols, or the Biofreeze or the joint recuperator pills or the yoga or all of them. It is just a wonderful feeling.

Feet up again. Flowers still okay on sandals.

No events tonight so I can stay home with wine and youtube.

I painted more tulips today.

Nearly finished.

Every time I walk past I see something else I should fix, but I’ve said that it will be finished on Wednesday.

My new paint and pens arrived.

Just waiting for brushes now.

There has been a fire near a friends house today, but it’s out now and everyone is okay. After the fire near me at least am safe for this year.

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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