2021 in Pisticci….nearly normal life is maybe returning…

So better start polishing my social skills. Which were not actually that great before covid. I blame my parents. They were considered to be very private people.

Like maybe a lot of people my age, though I don’t know this for certain, we were brought up to be not seen or heard. Getting noticed was considered showing off. It led to a certain confusion.

My parents would very likely not approve of me now. I talk too much, ask questions and sometimes get noticed. I forgot to say that asking questions was also frowned on

It is a lot more fun and interesting being me now ….

Have had 7 visitors since last night. Not that I am boasting about it….not really.

It is quite exciting as it feels like what used to be normal life is creeping back. I had forgotten how nice it could be.

In between all these visitors I carried on with my project , painting light in the valley

Also I was trying to paint in a more loose fashion. Learning to do this could take some time. Am not even sure that it’s a good idea ..

Anyways it’s wine time now and I have 2 commissions to work on tomorrow.


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