2021 in Pisticci ..muddling along….

It’s possible that I never had a very clear plan for my life ,but right now it feels particularly muddly.

It’s not bad or different ,but I’m tired a lot and I think it’s most likely just that I don’t know what to do.

Probably living on my own is giving me too much thinking time .

So, today has been perfectly satisfactory.

Been shopping and spoke to people in the supermarket. That was exercise and socialising sorted.

I started my next light effect painting and summoned up enough enthusiasm to find a square canvas panel as the scene looked better in that format.

Work in progress

The surface is not so good. ( but at 40x40cm for €2.50) I can’t complain. Now that I’ve put a coat of paint on it then it should be fine. Acrylic paint works on almost any surface.

After lunch I hand wrote titles to all the photos in my book as another friend wants to buy a copy. I’m quite enjoying doing this .( I found a mistake in the writing today. So have taken a note of where it was and can fix it easily. )

Next I did quick drawings of 2 commissions which I should start on Monday.

After a brief house clean , flower watering and writing today’s art diary that’s me done for the day.

Have lit the stove and considering lighting a candle .

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Nice photo of stone James and my plants.

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