2021 in Pisticci…..little things……

Woke up this morning and thought of 5 good things. Pellets, electric blanket, lasagne, idea to change table lamps and no sore back.

Decided that today I had to deal with some basic stuff. For instance I couldn’t see my keyboard on my laptop very well so I swapped my bendy bedside lamp with another one and now I can see the keyboard. On a more depressing note that hasn’t helped my computer skills. I think I hate computers.

Then I moved my sheepskin rug so that I could put my knee on it when I climb into the attic. Not a big thing ,but better .

I made peanut butter , which I love , and which will hopefully make me feel much more energetic, creative and happy.

I tried to pay my bill again , but no good. However I realised on reading it that , 1. I could actually read it, and 2. I could probably pay it in the tabacchi., thereby avoiding long queue in the post office.

And my payment to WordPress has gone through.

I measured the thicker wood that I don’t like so much. ( it’s harder to saw.) And I have enough to make 4 30x40cms stretchers. Fuelled by some peanut butter energy I should get them done this week.

I tried sketching a rough design for my rag rug and think I have a rough plan .

Then , because painting a small oil landscape is actually quite fun , I did one.

Finally , looking through Facebook memories I found more paintings I did years ago which I still like.

Oh, and I had a couple of nice ladies drop in for a visit.

Now I think I’ll light the stove and watch the Positano Diaries.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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