2021 in Pisticci……in the good old days…..

When I can’t do a lot of things all at the same time it’s a bit depressing. Even comparing myself to people a lot worse off than me isn’t helping much.

Today I tried to pay a bill online and it was all going fine except that my credit card isn’t acceptable, so probably means a long wait at the post office.

My domain name needs renewed and somehow my credit card won’t work there either.

So to see if it was still working I ordered some water soluble oil paints and it seemed to be okay. Will see. Its not out of date . I checked.

Then I got a message on my phone to say my Italian debit card will not function in a few days time, but it doesn’t expire till 2023. However I had better go to the bank just incase. Probably another long wait.

My printer is printing everything with black lines on it. I never did get the evil printer to work. And I am supposed to get ink sent to me but none has arrived for 6 months. Could it be brexit?

I haven’t found out how to put titles on my photos yet despite hours trying.

And finally, I don’t like any of the paintings I’ve been doing in the last few weeks.

Obviously I did manage to make 84 bags of pellets appear. And what’s more I had saved enough money over the summer to pay for them. That felt good.

These two paintings I did 6 and 7 years ago and were on facebook memories today.

That cheered me up. They look very respectable. Maybe I will give up trying to paint like someone else and just get better at being me.

Having said that I did some more to yesterday’s painting and did another small practice one with my old oil paints.

Like the colours.

Better get back to thinking of 5 good things in the morning before I get up. That used to help.

Wine time and might be able to find a film on youtube..

Cheers 🍷🍷

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