2021 in Pisticci….enjoying switching on the light…

It was a little disconcerting having to switch on the light using a ruler. I would have preferred something rubber but hoped that my trainers would have enough rubber in the soles to do. I had to have one side of the socket….is that what it’s called….which had 2 switches, taped down as every time I switched on the light the other switch moved and turned off some other electrical wotsit which had the fridge plugged into it. Eventually the other switch got so loose it fell off . I managed to jam it back in again ,but to switch on the light the ruler had to be at a certain angle and exactly on the right spot.

Today I just pressed the switch , with my finger and I had light .

I would feel the same if I had any drawers that slid out easily. My son has amazing drawers which glide.

All the drawers in my house need different treatment to open. Some need tilted slightly upwards , some downwards , and others need pushed in at one side and then jerked open .

However I am lucky to have drawers and electricity. But … .

Today I was determined to do some work.

First I went shopping and had a lovely sociable time.

Then I stapled and glued my 3 stretchers together and now the corners are sanded so they are ready to use.

Am wondering if I could make a shelf in the bathroom with the left over bits.

I drew my next commission which is of 3 children from 3 different photos. I think I’ve made a nice arrangement.

I should start painting that tomorrow, but I have leftover oil paint so I did a quick sketch of oleanders from a photo I took yesterday. It was quite satisfying and on scrap canvas so no stress. (who am I kidding ….I would like all my paintings to be masterpieces)

Now the stove is lit and I might watch Bergerac on youtube tonight.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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