2021 in Pisticci.. DIM. ( do it myself)

Oh dear, I didn’t realise it would spell “dim!”

However today I was busy ” doing it myself”.

I had decided to use the remains of my slightly thicker wood to make 4 30x40cms stretchers . After 2 hours of sawing I had made three and a half and run out of wood.

I don’t know how that happened.

Then as I was stuffing things, (hammer , saw, etc) back in the drawer the bottom fell out. Part of it. After unsuccessfully trying to stick it back in using my hammer I decided just to get rid of the drawer.

It was a bit disconcerting having James looking down on me from the wall as it was all his fault. He was an excellent bodger , but not a very good carpenter.

Having emptied the drawer I was wondering how to destroy it, when it occurred to me that maybe I could fix it.

And I did , with my hammer and 2 nails and now it shuts better than before. Perhaps I can learn to be an excellent bodger too.

3 sets of stretchers…..and fixed drawer.

It might be that if I stopped panicking or catastrophising then maybe I could do more than I think. I suppose it’s possible………

But not electric stuff. Thanks to a kind friend I can now turn my light off and on without using a ruler so that I didn’t touch it.

This morning I was having a think about titles and editing photos and realised that my laptop is not very good with colours and my tablet is much better. Because My tablet is old it refuses to load lots of apps , but I think that I could fix photos on it, email them to myself , open them on my laptop and add them to Google docs.

Did this today. I think it would make a good book cover.

When I say “did this ” I mean managed to add a title. I did the digital painting when I was lying on my bed feeling sick after my second vaccination .

I don’t need the stove on tonight as it’s not cold. But I have lit the candle.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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