2021 in Pisticci……another Sunday…..

And tomorrow it will be Monday and another new week to fill with all sorts of things.

There is a new and complicated portrait ready to be started. Have decided that the feeling I want to create with it is ” having fun”. I need to aim for something more than merely recreating a photograph which is soul destroying.

Now that I have a title and a rough plan of the next book I want to write I should get started..This time I know that I can get it printed myself and even if only 10 copies ever exist I will be happy. I have given up on Amazon. I just don’t know how to do it.

Then after going out for a short walk today I have one or 2 photos which I would quite like to paint.

I should probably go to Marconia on the bus this week and post my latest portrait.

I might raid my change jar and go out for coffee.

Who knows what will happen.

Am a bit distracted thinking about Katy taking part in the body building competition. It is happening now.

It’s been a long day .

I just put something on twitter where Boris Johnson was saying that Brexit has been a great success. Unbelievable!!

Am happy that it’s now wine time . Cheers 🍷🍷

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