2021 in Pisticci…..more portrait  painting…..

There was heavy rain for hours last night which kept me awake as I worried that my house might slide down the hill. I even got up and got dressed just incase. Needless to say the rain stopped about 10 minutes later.

I think it might have been all the climate change stuff going on .

Dirupo has been here for about 400 years . It was built on the rubble from a landslide above in the oldest part of Pisticci  and is …or was an important example of peasant architecture. 

A lot of Italian hill top towns are a bit unstable and that includes parts of Pisticci and in particular Dirupo. My house is only one building from the edge.

Several years ago the whole hillside was covered by black mesh to strengthen it. I have no idea if the 2 fires since then have damaged it or even destroyed it.

Hopefully  it will  all be okay for as long as I am here.

But in the middle of the night with water rushing past my door it was a little scary. Had to get out the special towels to stuff under the doors. They were soaked this morning.

It’s  been sunny and very windy all day today so I did some washing. Then I had to keep checking that it hadn’t blown away.

In between  I worked some more on my new portrait. And now I might be getting another commission.  I really need to get my confidence back…..lack of confidence is as debilitating  as lack of drawing ability. 

Didn’t light the stove until about 4pm . Now it’s nice and warm . Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. ( no rain forecast)

Cheers 🍷🍷

Need to light the candle….


  1. Hmmm…..The striking topography of our part (and not only ours) of Italy is due primarily to water erosion, exacerbated only recently by human desertification caused by tree-felling and plowing. All that global warming going on for the past 50 million years I guess. ;D
    Hope you stay dry. Find some bubble wrap or foam and stuff it in the cracks, it works very well.

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