2021 in Pisticci….” by Timothy!!”

That’s  a quote from a “Paul Temple” audiobook. ( not me being rude about anyone called Timothy. )

After listening to the 3d one in a row I’ve decided I don’t like Paul  Temple. He’s  a bully and is not very nice to his long suffering wife Steve, who puts up with being kidnapped or nearly kidnapped in every story as well as being mocked for her intuition. Her only comfort seems to be buying hats . She also puts up with all her holidays being cancelled whenever her selfish husband finds another murder to investigate. His favourite expression when taken by surprise is ” By Timothy”

Sometimes I wonder what impact listening to this has on  my painting.

I’m painting 2 fishermen who are holding some very odd things, best described as sea creatures with a lot of claws and other bits  and pieces.

It’s  going okay and that is partly due to my trying to improve my attitude to painting.

This morning I watched  something on Facebook and decided to try it. It was about rejection ,but it more or less fitted.

So I had to write something realistic about how I felt about painting and my attitude  to it. It was important  to write it and not just think it.

It was quite interesting  to do and I definitely  felt better afterwards. (I even contacted a client and asked for a better photo so I could make a better job …. and got one. !)

After a quick trip to the supermarket  for cat food, (How ridiculous  did I feel hiding from the cats as there was no cat food. Though I did share my eggs with Brutto. )

I painted off and on all day.

There are more cases of the virus in Basilicata  today and I was working out the easiest and cheapest way to live incase everything was shut down again. Despite the fact that the greenpass is probably going to be extended until June 2022 and over 80% of Italians are vaccinated. 

Perhaps I should stock up on wine and chocolate and other necessities.  I have enough hairdye for at least a year .

Talking of wine……cheers 🍷🍷

Comfy and warm

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