2022 in Pisticci….sunny Sunday.

It has been incredibly good weather these last few days.

This morning at 8am.

It was good to have breakfast and coffee sitting on the doorstep. No sign of Brutto so got to eat all my eggs by myself. ( it’s the mayonnaise he likes anyways.)

I thought that as the handle had broken off my coffee maker that I would use the slightly bigger one which I found at the back of the cupboard when I was tidying up.

Now I know why it was hidden away.

It leaked a lot from the middle

Might go back to the handle less one.

After spending some time trying to work out how to pay my WIFI bill I will need to go to the bank and ask for help. Because the post is so slow I have had to look at paying it direct.

Today I made 120x 80cm stretcher. It was much easier.

Might staple on canvas tomorrow.

After I had finished that it was lunch time and then I didn’t know what to do.

So I finished the 3d part of a Trilogy I had been reading only to find there was a 4th part to come in the future. 😬😬

I must stop watching van and school bus tours on youtube. It feels like a waste of time , but then I see another interesting looking vehicle and am hooked.

Went outside to see if there was any nice sunset going on. There was, but its never as good in photos.

I love the colours and shapes of the mountains and hills
This is looking towards the sea. There are so many wires and poles in the way. Cut most of them out in this photo.

Started on my favourite wine last night.


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