2022 in Pisticci..lots of inspiration …..

Must go for more short walks. There is no point in pretending that I’ll go on long walks unless there is somewhere to go. I blame being brought up on a farm . Walking was about going somewhere to do something. That’s my excuse anyways.

This morning after writing another rather introspective piece where I had a Eureka moment I thought that I really had to go out and get a minimum amount of exercise and fresh air.

I enjoyed it, but wasn’t sure if stopping every two or three minutes to take photos could be considered exercise.

I feel like I am on a roll with photo taking. I have lots to use as reference now. And mostly new scenes.

Lots of trees have been pruned so this view is possible
And this too. Have never seen this before.
Sea in the distance
I went in here and then left……
Up here…..
Down here….
Stopped and looked this way
Down here…..
Stopped again. Paintings look good with plants
My favourite scene today. Washing and plants with Pisticci in background. And even a red car.
Lovely old door.

Back home I sent an invoice to Scotland where I’ve sold 2 prints.

Painted a figure on a lampshade.

Finished my first street scene for the summer season.

Hope I managed not to ruin it.

It’s been raining so I rushed out to see what the sky was doing tonight.

Very black over the sea.

And now it’s wine time. Hurray!!!( and my eldest grand daughter passed her driving test today….brilliant!)

Cheers 🍷🍷

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