2022 in Pisticci. What a strange life this is…..

Am sitting here tonight having a ” moment” when I wonder how I got here and what has happened to the world in the last few years.

“Moment “over.

It’s looking dark and dangerous outside.

About 20 minutes ago.

Inside it’s cosy. The stove is burning , candle is lit and jazz is playing on youtube. And my “not christmas” lights are twinkling on the mantelpiece. 

It’s been another  satisfactory  working day.

It begun when I did some more writing and today it was about ” cowbells and the calanche”. I don’t know if I am writing a lot of rubbish , but am enjoying it.

My next commission involves painting on a lampshade. So I made a plan for how to do it , then checked with the client and now I’m  ready to work on it tomorrow.

I like doing a variety of things.

(But ,not washing the floor. However I did it today. Doesn’t look much different, but at least I made an effort.)

Passing quickly on.

After lunch I worked on my latest street scene. Am enjoying that.

Still not finished

Then I got another portrait commission online. Hurray!

And I nearly forgot the highlight of today. I paid my Internet bill online. After writing about being disorganised I was fairly sure I had written down my user name and password for the Internet app. And I had. ( good for me!) I had unfortunately forgotten to write down the method I used to pay the bill . (Aaaagh!!!!) Luckily after a bit of googling I found it. It had a strange name which I obviously thought that I would easily remember. (Nope!) As I had already used it to pay the bill ,it was more or less a couple of clicks and it was done. Phew!!

It’s good to be busy and warm.

And now it’s nice that it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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