2022 in Pisticci…just a working day.

My son, whose birthday it was today, asked if anything exciting had been happening. Apart from climbing on the roof I couldn’t think of anything in particular.

All my exciting things are so little that they wouldn’t really qualify.

For instance today my lovely coffee pot produced 2 cups of coffee. (And leaked a bit) However that was a nice exciting way to start getting day.

I realised that being ” hot and bothered” was a physical thing. I always assumed it was just a feeling. Then I wrote about it.

After that I made a still life set up including my lovely coffee pot. And I used the app on my phone to let me see some different versions . It’s too cold to paint through in my work room so I’ll work from a photo.

Took some of the colour out of this.
This was the cartoon version
More realistic view

That was fun. I might paint it at the weekend.

Next I put the latest commission in the frame. It fitted perfectly. That is very impressive as my measuring skills are not very good. And I didn’t break the glass while fitting it in.

It’s the client’s frame.

I was putting off turning on the stove. So moving about was good.

I quickly finished painting the sides of the latest small painting and then added it to the collection on the gallery wall.

Am pleased with the colours in this.
Room for another 3 before moving onto another wall.

After lunch I had a good book on my Kindle to read for an hour.

And I turned the stove on. Hurray!

Now my next local scene is drawn and ready to paint tomorrow.

It looks promising. Shadows and flowers and an interesting little corner.

I enjoyed the second half of the Hamish Macbeth audiobook while I drew.

And that was it for today.

Now it’s wine time at the end of a satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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