2022 in Pisticci…walking, taking photos and retail therapy ……

This morning I woke up in a bit of a mood.

You could say that ‘ bad Anne’ was trying to boss me and make me feel guilty about not going for a long circular walk.

“Bad Anne” always uses words like should, lazy and can’t.

Luckily before too long , ” kinder Anne “took over and I cheered up.

“Kinder Anne” uses words like, chill, it’ll be fun, do it tomorrow.

More often now “Kinder Anne” is in charge.

After breakfast I decided to go for a bit of retail therapy to the shop which sells everything and on the way I took several detours to take photos. (Nearly 3000 steps)

One up for “Kinder Anne”.

It’s been fun to explore some parts of Pisticci where I haven’t been for a long time. Also taking photos of corners, or maybe just one or two houses is different from previously where I felt obliged to paint bigger scenes.

I love all the bits and pieces in this photo
I like the old buildings
Not noticed these before.
This makes me happy.
A little old house squashed in between taller ones
Arches, washing , flowers and a yellow building at the side.
Brilliant. Look at the twists and turns
This just looks good
A building near the big church.
View towards the castle

Sometimes when I see something that might make a good painting it feels like a feast for my eyes.

Really ,the retail therapy was okay ,but the walk was better.

This afternoon , accompanied as usual by Hamish Macbeth I worked on the next local scene.

Lots of detail left to do , but looks good so far.

I held out until nearly 2pm before I lit the stove today. Next week the temperatures are to be around 20C. Only 15C today. ( and 18C in my house.)

It’s very pleasant and warm now.

And it’s wine time.


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