2022 in Pisticci…Sunday again….

It was impossible to ignore the news from Ukraine this morning. I’m trying to separate personal feelings ( writing “not the war diary”) general info, posting on Twitter and life as it is here on my blog. That’s the plan.

So best “this life” news this morning was that after 6 attempts I finally got my new secondhand coffee maker to make coffee. I had bought new rubber seals and did everything I could think of ,but every time nothing happened. This morning I mostly did the same and this time it worked. I want to celebrate coffee every morning with a beautiful coffee pot. A harmless desire to make life a little bit more special.

I will have to paint it sometime.

Most of the rest of today was spent painting my latest local scene. And listening to a Hamish Macbeth audiobook that I haven’t heard before. That was a treat.

It’s about 80% finished

There wasn’t strong wind today thank goodness.

Looking out over the valley an hour ago.
Threatening clouds over the castle.

Wine time now and then back to proper work tomorrow. Have a commission to fit in a frame.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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