2022 in Pisticci….the heat is on its way….

Today, despite some rain and clouds it was possible to leave my stove unlit until 4pm.

I was thinking how much cheaper life is when it’s warm. Even right now I still don’t have a light switched on.( it’s nearly 17.30.) When it gets warmer I will have constant warm water without ever turning on the water heater. I don’t have air conditioning and won’t be getting it. Luckily I have a fan and my house is half underground and part of it remains cool even in summer.

I am so looking forward to the season of free heat.

It will be lovely to do yoga with leggings, a teeshirt and bare feet instead of 3 jumpers, jeans, socks and trainers. It’s too cold to take my shoes off as the house hasn’t heated up in the early morning.

I will be able to paint in my workroom where it’s too cold to spend time now, but in the summer it’s lovely and cool.

Sigh….not long now…..

But today was a fine working day.

I finished yesterday’s local scene by adding a towel drying on a line and a plant in a pot on a balcony. ( I feel unreasonably guilty for adding something that wasn’t there.)

Think it’s done now …maybe….

Then I started the next one and got on well.

(Am a little worried that I am now speaking to myself in a lilting Highland accent after all these Hamish Macbeth audiobooks.)

Work in progress.

Thursday has become shopping day.

Back home with a full pink trolley .
Better weather than in the morning.

The sky is still blue even though the wind is blowing fairly loudly. But I’m inside with the stove on , a glass of wine and some cheese I got as a gift. Jazz playing on youtube and it’s nearly the weekend.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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