2022 in Pisticci….working all day.

I think I am getting comfortably ” set in my ways”.  And because I have made weekends special by not doing some things I’m  looking forward to the weekend.

So Wednesdays  start by exercise ( hope its doing some good because it’s quite difficult .)

Followed by writing  “not the war diary”. It’s  fulfilling its purpose.

Today I stapled the back onto the frame of my latest commission  which should be getting collected in the next half hour.

Next I got to work on the latest local scene .

It’s about 80% finished.

I’m thinking that it would be great to make a book using all the local scenes. So this year I might be painting a book.

(Ordered another 16 canvases and more paint. I could possibly end up with 50  local scenes all the same size. )

All afternoon  I carried on painting and listening to the next Hamish Macbeth audiobook. Today it was called ” Death of a Glutton. ”

It’s good having something regular to do.

I sold another local scene last night which was nice. Especially as I chose the scene because it appealed to me, though I didn’t know if anyone else would like it.

I liked the mop and bucket and the little chair.

It will soon be wine time. Am waiting until the commission is collected. Hopefully any minute now.

Cheers ( in anticipation) 🍷🍷

( all done now in friendly fashion and maybe another commission to come. )

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