2022 in Pisticci…home is the best place…..

What with all the stuff going on in the world over the past few years and especially at the moment I feel lucky to have a home for now.

My little house

Having seen photos of towns in Ukraine before and after the Russians bombed them is heartbreaking.

I was taking photos this afternoon of the view from my little house and thinking how fortunate I am.

Also it helps that after many years of being a painter I see things I would never have noticed before.

I’m with David Hockney when he talks about looking.

The world gets to be incredibly fantastic. Even the little things.

I love the blue mountains. This photo isn’t adjusted at all
This time the mountains look like lots of cut out shapes placed in front of each other. Then there is the bright green of the grass.
My beautiful weeds. Maybe I should be cutting them down , but not just yet. There is a big thistle coming soon
This view looks good even on a dull day.
I like this tiny pansy.

After sewing a patch on my jacket pocket, (my keys fell out), I mostly painted today.

This is about 80% finished.

It’s been cold again today, outside and inside.

Now it’s stove time as well as wine time.


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