2022 in Pisticci….a grey sort of day….

And I was experimenting with eating cauliflower instead of potatoes. I may have rather overdone it. Also adding mayonnaise  possibly undid any good effects. Still it was a holiday and I didn’t have an Easter egg. A bar of 70% cocoa chocolate  doesn’t  count.

Outside it was grey all day.

This was the view to which I added wild flowers  last week.
And this was almost the other view with the purple flowers.
These are pretty

I went out for a very short walk to take these photos but it was so windy and cold that after greeting a neighbour we decided it was better to go home than get blown down the calanche. 

It was a holiday so I didn’t need to paint , but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. After about half an hour I was fed up and know from experience it’s not good to ” scunner” myself .

Not much change.

I’ve been thinking about my trip to Scotland. After life in Pisticci it feels as if it could be a little scary. However I may well be surprised. I just need to stop thinking “plague island”.

Probably just my grey mood.

It’ll be Monday tomorrow , Hurray!  I know what to do on week days. It’s  just holidays that confuse me.

I finished my exciting new kindle book which I couldn’t read overnight. Now I have a cosy mystery, 5 book series. Very good for the middle of the night.

I watched some landscape artist of the year and actually agreed with the judges choice.

Now I am very glad it’s wine time and nearly the end of Sunday.


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