2022 in Pisticci…a very satisfactory day……

I like days such as today. Nicely organised and with sunshine.

Started with some exercise while the kettle boiled. ( yes, it took that long.)

Then a minimal amount of time on twitter so as not to get too depressed.

Followed by writing part 22 of ” not the war diary” and imagining how to explain the war in Ukraine by making up a story featuring Scotland in 30 years time, independent, rich and happy being invaded by a totally insane and jealous Boris Johnson who had managed to stay in power and run England into the ground. There was more , but that’s how it begun………

It was such a lovely morning that I headed out to buy wine and toothpaste. Always a pleasant social occasion. And on the way back I took photos. It feels as if I’m seeing Pisticci with new eyes.

Very typical scene
Back street
This is for sale
Might work as a painting
Looking towards the corso
Lovely little house with flowers
Gorgeous arrangement of shapes

It was only a little walk to the shops and some photos, but it felt good.

And for the remainder of the day I finished one painting .

Just needs signed now.

Then started the next one

Think I can make this look good.

Now the light is good outside.

Lovely shadows.

And I’ve lit the stove .Got a glass of wine and maybe will watch an episode of “Lewis” on youtube.


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