2022 in Pisticci….can I do this…..

I don’t have to paint on Sundays , but today I was curious to see if I could paint a really difficult scene. It was only this year that I thought it might be possible.

I think this is a great view.

I started by slightly adjusting the walls and windows on each side as they are distorted by the camera.

When I had a reasonable sketch I sprayed it with hairspray to set the pencil otherwise it mixes with the paint.

Not a brilliant drawing, but good enough to use.

After that I covered the canvas with a yellowish watery coat of paint. That seems to work as a base. Never having been to art college or been able to understand color theory I’ve tried lots of undercoats and I like this.

Then I painted it with acrylic medium so that it’s a nice surface to paint on. This I found by accident.

By then it was about 11am. And there was just time to use actual normal acrylic paint to more or less try out colours and see if it looks possible.

Reached this stage at lunch time.

Meanwhile outside it was warm ,but overcast .

This afternoon it took me about 3 hours to get to this stage.

I think it might be okay

There is still another full day’s work to do to finish it. It was pretty complicated to paint all the details and some of the colours need changing. But I’m on my way to do something I never dreamed I could do.

And now I’ve lit the stove as the wind got up again .

Wine time after a fairly satisfactory Sunday.


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