2022 in Pisticci…sunshine and cake….

What a lovely beginning to the day , to be able to sit on the doorstep and eat breakfast.

It was the perfect day for hanging out washing,  eating cake and painting beside the open door.

Very pleased with this.

It took longer than I thought to finish this. I’m getting very fussy . It’s  yet another scene from an ordinary street in Pisticci.

Then cake…..

It has apple and nuts in it.

What a lovely surprise it was when someone I painted  a few years ago arrived at my door with cake. There wasn’t time for a coffee,  but I’m  still smiling about it. How cool is it when a kind person just arrives with cake …and a big smile.

It was a great day for washing. I think part of the pleasure is in getting clothes dried and sort of ironed (wind ) for free.

White sheets might have looked more artistic,  but I haven’t  got any.

The wildflower  garden, which isn’t,  is looking lovely. There are now thistles, some poppies, lots of yellow flowers and various other plants. In a few weeks they’ll  have died and then maybe I’ll tidy up. In the meantime I’ll enjoy them.

Lovely  shadows
This was pretty , but I pulled it out as that crack is quite big enough without the plant making it worse. ( not my house)

What a very pleasant Saturday and I noticed that the current episode of ” Have I got news for you” is up on youtube.

Time for wine.


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