2022 in Pisticci….and yes I did….

And this is the result .

I might adjust a few things, but this is about 90% done

This is how it went…..

Did some work on the scene from yesterday and the flowerpots
Changed the colour of the walls and began work on the windows.
More or less finished the windows and began work on the plants. And I decided to add the plastic porch thing.

Along with this I kept going back and fixing little things .

Tomorrow I need to paint the sides and maybe fix a few more things, but , its more or less done.

And it’s recognizable..

After that I really wanted to go out for a walk.

My plan is to go for a short walk every week day.

So off I went. I was going to go up the pink brick road but there was a big alsation coming down it that I’ve never seen before so I made a quick swerve and went this way…….

Like the shapes in this
Might work as painting
Sweet little corner
And another
Pretty view
Possible painting
View towards the sea
Liked the primary colours
A cow !!!

Am not sure if a short walk with many stops to take photos really counts as exercise……

But it’s wine time now so I’ll think about that tomorrow …

Cheers 🍷🍷

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