2022 in Pisticci….the end of an era….

It feels like winter has ended.

Today the ” winter nail” became redundant.

Now my windows above the door are firmly closed…… but can also open. Unlike with the winter nail where they were “nailed” shut from October to May.

Simple but effective. ( and once I paint them white virtually invisible

I am very pleased. ( Thank you friend from above😀)

And I seem to have moved back into my work room from the desk by the stove.

Not quite organised yet.

It’s now 6 days , I think, since I last lit the stove. As I would need to open a new bag of pellets I’m a bit motivated .

I’ve not been in a very painterly mood today.

I was hoping to have done more, but it looks promising.

Tonight it might rain.

Clouds coming….or maybe going?

But it’s still okay to be sitting inside with the door open.

My net curtain door screen might not last all summer if ” fluffy” insists on clawing her way up it and over the “cat board”. She then happily follows me out the other door as long as I give her food.

Tomorrow I’d like to get on with the latest painting . It would be good to have it finished by the weekend. I like finishing things.

Now for wine.


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