2022 in Pisticci……had better days…

Since the weekend I’ve been more tired than normal and today combined with a sore head and general ” not rightness ” it was not so much fun.

Self diagnosis….who needs google when you have imagination.

Most likely…the weather is causing it. Every time the weather changes big style I feel ” not right”.

Possible…..I am on an up and down cycle and am on the down part.

Could be….. stress due to potential visit to ” plague island ” and all that involves. I see someone has been saying that if you haven’t had covid yet then you must be socially inept and have no friends. ( that’s not an exact quote)

Or it could be eating too much cauliflower.

What ever, let’s hope after a relaxing long weekend I feel more normal next week.

It was foggy this morning and the dratted cold wind is back.

In between reading my latest cosy mystery with a great write up…disappointing, I painted off and on.

80% finished.

Now I’m looking forward to another episode of Lewis.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully start again.


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