2022 in Pisticci… sitting on the doorstep….

Wondering what to write. …..

First oleander flowers have appeared.
Particularly  special to me because this oleander I grew from a twig.

I could post more flower photos I suppose.  ..

The pink flowers are amazing…but only when the sun shines.  Have no idea where they came from.

I have one strawberry. 

Not quite ready yet….

This morning I was considering going uptown to do some errands , but instead  I washed most of my rugs.

About half of the floor isn’t painted terracotta .
Laid this rug on the ground and entertained the neighbours by using  watering cans full of soapy water to pour over it.
All done and dried.

It needs to be a hot day to wash rugs so that they will dry in the sunshine.

The only painting I did today was freshening up the white wall beside the cooker which was not looking very white.

I even found henry the hoover under an easel and some handbags in the other room and hoovered the wall behind the cooker. That made me feel terribly clean.

While I was busily watching the floor drying and checking to see if the rugs were dry yet I managed to watch several episodes of the ” next great artist”. After that I felt a bit boring or maybe I just mean what are they about? It’s like an alternate universe.

But reasonably entertaining while waiting for rugs to dry.

Tomorrow I really need to look out my summer clothes.

Right now it’s just perfect sitting here. There’s a light wind, just enough to blow the rose petals about and the shadows are lovely on the wall opposite.

The little self seeded pansy has several flowers and seems happy growing in a crack.

I like pansies

Wine time now I think.

Happy Weekend. Cheers 🍷🍷

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