2022 in Pisticci…all my social life in a trip to supermarket..

It was another beautiful morning . It’s now necessary to go to the supermarket early as it is fairly warm in the afternoons.

I set off with my bright pink ( and slightly oil paint spotted) granny trolley. I am just a bit self conscious about using it. There are not a lot about

On the way up the steps I met someone I’ve worked for and who helped me a lot. It was good to say, “Ciao.”

I was saying to someone yesterday that when I lived in Scotland I bought the Big Issue every week because the guy selling it used to greet me every morning. It was normal to walk along the high street and go shopping and speak to no one.

Not so in Pisticci.

After walking down the street chatting to my daughter on the phone I met an elderly gentleman who always says hello and pats me on the arm in a friendly fashion.

I am always pleased to see the friendly staff in the supermarket. And it was good to see someone whose partner I painted last year.

On the way up the hill I caught up with an older lady all dressed in black with a granny trolley exactly like mine. I stopped to smile and say ” good isn’t it”. I never used to speak to strangers ,but it feels normal here. Bit of womanly solidarity I thought.

As I entered the piazza friends in a car stopped to chat.

There were others I greeted in passing.

In normal times here it’s difficult to be very lonely.

After having another quick experiment with my new dress I got to work and finally I completely changed the foreground in my painting. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t make it look how I thought it should, but I’m pleased with what I did to make it work as a painting.

I added blue shadows , a plant and emphasised the patterns of the tiles.

The plant was in fact further down the street so I just moved it a few metres.

Next painting.

This morning I was wondering how it had happened that I feel slightly embarrassed that I haven’t had covid.

(I may have had it in January 2020 before anyone knew what it was.)

I think the conflicting information and ways of looking at it are causing me to question myself.

On the one hand I would still prefer not to get it. As far as I can see it is still a potentially dangerous virus which could lead to complications etc, etc.

On the other hand lots of people have had it and seem to be fine afterwards. So they are apt to say that it’s no big deal.

Being here in Pisticci and living the life I do I am relatively safe and it isn’t a problem.

But going to Scotland and a bigger town where it seems the general attitude is..” if you get it , it’s no big deal” is a little disconcerting.

I feel a little cowardly as I plan to wear a mask , avoid crowds and stick to meeting mainly close family. Even then that is more than I do here.

I can hardly remember the olden days pre brexit and covid when I didn’t know that life was so simple.

This is still the same 😀

Anyways, it’s the weekend and I’ve got nice wine, a new series of books to read, my Sumner clothes to look out and some good things to look forward to.


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