2022 in Pisticci…a walk and a swim…and even a digital painting

This must have been the most exciting Sunday I’ve had in the last 2 years. Not only did I get up early and go for a walk up by the church, but I also went to the beach .

Having lived a very quiet …though not at all boring….life for the last few years , then almost anything out of the ordinary is exciting.

After waking up about 5am it occurred to me that I could write my weekly email to my brother while sitting on a bench under the arches. I often have ideas like this , but today I actually did it.

What a beautiful morning it was. More easily described in pictures than words.

View from the little church
Oleanders on the pink brick road
Looking down on my house, the little church and across the valley
My best photo of sunrise over the chiesa madre
Looking out over the calanche
Back down the pink brick road
Home again.

It was seeming like a long morning when I got an invite to go to the beach. I thought about saying no , then in a reckless moment ,I said “yes”.

I haven’t been in a swimsuit at the beach for at least 3 years. I am a bit vain and had decided to keep my peelywally wrinkly body covered up for the foreseeable future or until I got less vain.

So , slightly horrified at myself, I climbed up my ladder and searched for summer clothes and swimsuits in baskets and suitcases.

I found 2 suitable vintage type swimsuits. Not the victorian type : up to your neck, down to your ankles and then a nice cap for your hair, but more 50s style with ” proper coverage” . There was nothing I could do about my peelywallyness. (Pale skin.) I am yet to be convinced that wrinkles don’t look better a nice golden brown colour. And I was going to a beach full of bronzed Italians.

After much sighing and grimacing and texts to my daughter I was ready.

I had a lovely time with a Swedish friend who doesn’t have my hang ups.

I wasn’t going to go swimming ,but after lying about for an hour or so I was so relaxed that I thought I would try a bit of a paddle and one thing led to another.

There were quite a lot of people there despite my photos.

I had forgotten how brilliant and refreshing it is to swim in the sea.

Had fun doing this on my phone

This summer is starting to feel quite scarily amazing.

After all that I am in need of a glass of wine.


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