2022 in Pisticci…but today ,mostly in Matera.

I was trying to remember the first time I saw Matera. (That is central Matera and in particular the Sassi. )

It must have been about 15 years ago. It was like something from another time. Which it is mostly.

Photographs and even videos don’t do it justice.

Since that first time I’ve been there lots of times. We used to do an antiques market there every month in the piazza and at quiet times I would wander all round the old narrow streets and wonder what it must’ve been like to live there.

I only touched the surface as a lot of the sassi is actually underground . There are now programmes about Matera, with history and lots of facts but nothing beats being there.

My favourite part of today was going into an old church which I’ve only ever seen from the outside. It was beautiful. I didn’t take any photos inside as it didn’t feel right.

But I did take photos in lots of other places. And I could have taken hundreds more.

One of many restaurants
One of many views
Quite a lot of tourists
Some elegant young ladies.
We had lunch here
I used to go for coffee here when we were at the market
A beautiful little corner with shadows
I just liked this
Very typical space
Narrow street

I am so tired. It was very hot today, but even after all this time the Sassi is still incredible.


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