2022 in Pisticci…..making my house ready for summer….

After my big day out yesterday I thought I might as well stay home and get my house organised for summer.

(Got another day out tomorrow. )

So now my house seems twice as big.

All winter the gallery and workroom side of the house has no heating and is mainly used for passing through.

I live in the other part with the pellet stove and attic bedroom.

Now I can use everywhere.

I started today by making my bedroom in my gallery look a bit cosier and not so much like a bed stuck in a gallery. I’m pleased with the result.

Gas heaters are now tables, work desk is covered with white tablecloth and bed is tucked in beside cupboard.

It’s always a good feeling reorganising. Also there are usually some nice surprises as I find things I had forgotten about. ( like the hoover!)

My summer clothes are now all hung up or laid away.

And after a few trips up and down the ² ladder all my winter clothes are out of sight .

I set the fan up in the corner of the living room and the pellet stove is now a table with a plant on it.

It feels like a new house.

I spent an hour or so painting in the workroom , but without a lot of enthusiasm.

It should look okay once I get going.

Other than doing a load of washing I haven’t done much else today.

It was very hot outside.

But I’m prepared for summer.

And the flowers look good.

Wine time now in my summery house……..


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