2022 in Pisticci…6400 steps…..

That is steps counted by my phone….not actual steps, though there were plenty of them.

Friday is shopping day when I sneak out with my granny trolley just after 8am hoping less people are about.

Now it’s all about counting down to going to Scotland and not leaving food to go off while I’m away.

Waiting for supermarket to open. ( not very photogenic. )

Then there are all the things I think I need to do before I leave.

It was quite hot when I set out for town after my shopping trip.

First stop, the farmacia for prescription pills, paracetamols and cardio aspirins.

Next ,look for jeans in the chinese shop. Nope! Nothing I really liked.

Then the tabacchi to put €50 on my phone incase of emergency in Scotland.

After that , got a key cut at the hardware shop. €1 for a new key.

On the way to 2nd chinese shop.
Imagine how much water it must take to keep these growing.

2nd Chinese shop. Still not seen jeans I like. Can’t find a night light, but bought new face powder for €2. ( probably should throw out remains of old one. It must be at least 15 years old. )

Heading back home the long way round.
Lots of actual steps and one lady in black.

Enjoyed taking photos and this time I have people in some of them.

Plan to paint this
This is pretty ,but impossible to photograph well enough.

Having been unsuccessful in finding jeans I hunted around in my trouser drawer and found a 20 year old pair which will do . ( it is obviously a very economic thing to stay roughly the same size for as long as possible. And not throw out clothes!)

A friend asked me if I knew of any buses from the airport and in looking for some I discovered that if I don’t mind hanging around for a couple of hours then I can get a bus back to near Pisticci on my journey home.

Having organised nearly everything , including seeing how small I could roll up my jacket so that it would fit in my “under the seat rucksack”, I drew another 4 local scenes so that I have plenty to do when I return . I have 12 ready to start.

Now I’d better water the flowers before I drink any more wine.

What a very satisfactory day.


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