2022 in Pisticci….serious lack of ” consecration” going on

I’ve read almost every “Miss Read” book written. I could probably quote lines from lots of them. While my children were growing up I escaped to Fairacre or Thrush Green. I read the whole series at least once a year every year for about 15 years. One of the characters was Mrs Pringle the curmudgeonly cleaner with a bad leg which “flared up” every time she was bothered. She also used to muddle up words such as ” consecration”instead of ” concentration” .

It still makes me smile every time I think about it.

(If anybody reading this hasn’t read any books by Miss Read then you are very lucky as you can enjoy them all for the first time. )

I read them all again during lockdown. Bliss!

I’m having a lack of ” consecration ” this week.

What with my back problem,( not worse.) and increased social life , as well as plans to cope with covid in Scotland painting has not been so much of a priority.

I finished yesterday’s painting at lunch time and normally I’d have begun the next one…but I didnt.

Am very happy with this.

I like the shadow and I made a reasonable job of the scooter.

Since lunch time I’ve watched an episode of ” A place in the Sun” on youtube, read for a while, glazed my painting, watered the flowers, sat on the doorstep to write this, but was driven inside by a beetle and several ants.

Then I took a photo of the little pansy which is still blooming in a crack near the doorstep. I think it’s heroic.

A little survivor.

And now I’m lying on the single mattress in my gallery pretending to test it . It’s very comfortable..even on the floor.

Now you see it.
Now you don’t.

Tomorrow will be better. Got plans.

Wine time now.


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