2022 in Pisticci…market and packing, unpacking,packing again …….

It was a treat to go to the market this morning and then meet friends for coffee. Some of whom I was saying goodbye to for several months or even longer.

Beautiful morning to go to market. This last photo is roughly the scene I am painting.
Still very much work in progress

Despite being willing and able to buy something today I couldn’t find anything I liked.

On the way to the cafe I offered an old lady a hand with her granny trolley, but she said it was empty. ( solidarity with granny trolley users!)

Steps are not so easy with a trolley.

Back home I sort of packed. I can’t tell you how often I have changed my mind about what to put in my little rucksack.

And what to wear with the long dress/ shirt thing I bought and am pigheadedly wearing because I said I would and that’s that. Even though it would be much easier to just forget it. However I wanted to be ” cool and arty” so ……..

Dress as long shirt
Dress as dress…..need to work on legs……

As a long shirt I’m more or less happy, but as a dress I need to rethink my feet. However that will only be a problem in Scotland where I might have shoes in a bag under the bed……

It is still possible that I’ll get up tomorrow morning and change my mind again.

How lucky am I that I live by myself and there is no one to raise their eyebrows and sigh as I rush back and forwards trying different looks.

I think more or less everything is done now.

My kind neighbour will be watering my flowers.

So now it’s time for a glass of wine. All being well , this time tomorrow I should in Scotland.


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