2022 in Pisticci/Perth…walking and wind…..

Today began with a lovely walk down by the river on a path that I’d never been on before.

I think scone Palace is over behind the trees.
Quite a few cyclists on this path. Nice and flat.

It’s not possible to go for a walk like this in Pisticci as there’s nowhere flat.

That was almost all the steps my phone would like me to do completed by 10am.

At lunch time I had a meal with three of my grandchildren in a “hut” which was basically a garden shed with the end missing. It was a great way of eating outside while being sheltered from the wind.

There is a cold wind even though the sun is shining and I might need to borrow a jumper.

I haven’t watched much of the jubilee celebrations , but I loved the video of the Queen and Paddington bear.

Now I’m going to get warm and have a glass of wine.


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