2022 in Pisticci/Perth….a bit of nostalgia..and 11000 steps!!

Today, another decent day, I walked most of the way to my daughter’s work with her and then carried on into town

Maybe being away two and a half years has made me a bit nostalgic so I took a little detour past my first home in Perth. It was a top floor flat at the end of a street.

We had window boxes.

The path beside it goes into town beside the ” lade” which is a bit overgrown , but still has ducks. I walked up and down there for almost 5 years pushing a pram or carrying a baby in a sling.

We used to feed the ducks
It looks much greener now.

I’ve just realised that I lived there 45 years ago. Unbelievable!!!

Passing quickly on…….

I used to go to a yoga class in a hall belonging to the church here.

I think it might be called a cathedral.

That was only about 20 years ago. I enjoyed it a lot. It was on a Wednesday evening and afterwards I would walk back to my tiny flat ,stopping at the off licence to buy a bottle of hock (it was cheap) and a box of Maltesers. Once home I was in time for an episode of Ally McBeal. I loved Wednesday nights.

My flat window was top floor, 3d along in the cream coloured building.

Today I had a coffee in the cafe below. Its Italian.

I was sad to see that my favourite little Italian cafe is no longer there. It always made me feel good to go in there as the owner was originally from Puglia and it was like being in a proper Italian cafe.

I’m feeling quite comfortable wearing a mask in shops although the majority of people don’t. Went round a few charity shops and now have a warm jumper and another pair of jeans.

Spent the afternoon with my nearly grown up granddaughter discussing politics and watching TV. Wouldn’t it be something if Boris Johnson finally was thrown out while I was here. I doubt that will happen.

So now it’s wine time again. Tomorrow it’s my birthday. I can’t believe I am so old. I still mostly feel about 12 on the inside.


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