2022 in Pisticci/ Perth…only 2 days left….

I should be leaving around 4am on Wednesday morning and then it will be 12 weeks until I return.( all being well, as who knows in these uncertain days what might have happened by then.)

Today I walked with Katy to her work and then continued into town. I haven’t walked so much in ages and am quite enjoying it. It helps that it’s mainly flat. Today I went via the North Inch.

I used to work in one of the buildings in the distance.
I liked the combination of old building and greenery
I think that church was converted into flats . Must be great to live there.
One of the bridges over the Tay
Looking up the high street
Another bridge over the Tay.

It was a bit grey ,but not actually raining.

This afternoon I watched about 5 episodes of “Borgen”. Finally I had found something I liked. Presumably it will still be available when I’m here next time.

I’ve also tried on my outfit for travelling in and discovered that wearing very baggy cotton dungarees mean I could wear several pairs of trousers underneath. Not that I am going to , but will bear it in mind for another time. And my long shirt/ dress looks great on top.

Now that Sam ( grandaughter) is away on holiday I can wear the dungarees with no fear of her looking horrified when she realises her granny is wearing the same outfit as herself.

Tonight I’ve been out for a drink with a friend in a mostly empty pub. It was lovely to catch up.

So wine time has almost been and gone. A medium glass of wine is pretty big!

But I have got just a little left in the bottle here…..


Current weather in Perth.

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