2022 in Pisticci/Perth….. last day of visit…

I don’t like the last day of any visit here as I’ve got such a mixture of feelings. I’m looking forward to going home, sad that I’m leaving , slightly anxious about travelling and much more.

I walked into town this morning, but didn’t feel very good so didn’t hang around.

Have finished watching the first series of Borgen and was very happy with the ending. I like happy endings.

It was just about nice enough to sit outside with a glass of wine early evening.

There was a big grey cloud just out of sight.

It’s difficult to concentrate on writing this as Doug the dog is clattering about.

He is a darling.

I have still to pack my little rucksack. Then I’ll be getting up about 3am . My flight should leave at 7am.

Tomorrow at this time , if all goes to plan I will be sitting in my little house in Pisticci.

Home sweet home.

Cheers 🍷🍷

One comment

  1. Hi Anne have read all your blogs, enjoyed them so much, hope your trip home is an adventure and no issues to spoil it. Hugs will look to your blog when home in pistissi

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