2022 in Pisticci…nothing special , but nice.

Today has mostly been about catching up and getting organised. 

It was nice to sit on the doorstep and drink coffee before I caught up on doing some minimal yoga. 

My little cup which I left there, which survived strong winds and rain.

I haven’t had so much time to keep in touch with people or even check the Internet.  It was nice to catch up with people and news.

I got a present of a watch which counts steps and does other stuff ,but was still on Scottish time. I had tried to change the time on the watch ,but with no success. This morning I wondered if I could do it using the app Sam put on my phone. After a few tries it finally showed Italian time. And not just that….it also shows messages. It feels like magic!!

That was probably the highlight of my day. Not being very computer etc literate anything like that impresses me considerably.

I spent quite a lot of the morning cleaning and even washed the floor. So now I have prepared my space. That’s a nice feeling.

After that I made lunch with chickpeas.

My version of healthy
Added sage leaves. Bad idea. They must need cooked.

After lunch my wifi bill arrived online. And I paid it online. I still remember how long and how many emails it took to reach this point.

After a nice chat with a friend about , among other things , how lucky we were to live here I cleaned out the organic bin which has not been emptied in 2 weeks. It was not nice. Not at all!!

I thought that I’d weed my garden at the weekend , but got carried away while watering it and so now I suppose I am all sorted inside and out.

Found these beautiful  white flowers . They have a lovely scent.

Tomorrow I must go out, but if it’s like today then it will need to be early.

However it was just nice to be home.

Wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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