2022 in Pisticci..back to work and thunderstorms….

But first of all, my trip to the supermarket was just lovely this morning.

Imagine going into the supermarket where everyone is smiling and laughing and greeting each other loudly and then an elderly man walks in and starts singing. It happened.

So, it’s not quite like that every day , but today it was.

And to add to the good feeling I had a nice chat with my daughter in by the cat food. It being the quietest area.

Arriving home with my granny trolley.

This morning was mainly spent on the computer checking things.

After lunch I finally started work on a painting that I’d started before I went to Scotland. ( I found a new Agatha Raisin audiobook to accompany me…hurray!)

It’s coming along nicely and I should finish tomorrow.

Pisticci market

All afternoon a storm has been coming and going.

20 mins ago. Not sure if this is coming or going.

I haven’t minded the storm as it might take me a few days to acclimatise. It’s now 28C in my house. Looks like from tomorrow the temperature rises again until it’s 40C on Thursday.

I was looking at Facebook memories and it was obviously raining on this day several years ago as I was inside painting this.

Always liked this painting.

Now it’s Friday wine time. Been a good day.


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