2022 in Pisticci….Saturday night out…..

I had no intention of going out. It was Facebook’s fault.

I was just idly flicking through Facebook when to my surprise I noticed that there was some kind of event happening in a street just round the corner from my house. ( 130 metres away according to Google maps.)

It said that it would begin at 9pm ( “ha ha….”nothing ever starts on time….except once!)

However I thought I would stroll round at 9pm and see what was happening. I’d have a look and then go home feeling that I’d made an effort.

As I approached the entrance to the street I grinned at 2 friendly policemen as a scooter drove by with 4 passengers.

There were food stalls and a lot of chairs set out. Some people were milling about and I recognised the organiser. He said that it was a celebration in honour of 20 years of architectural excavations by the University of Rennes at a site near Pisticci. ( at least that is what I thought he said. )

I sometimes think if I spoke or understood Italian better my life would not be half as exciting. Not knowing exactly what is happening makes life interesting.

All ready. Great setting. Under the stars surrounded by little white houses.

I thought that I’d hang about at the back and see what was going to happen. Then if I was bored( too much speaking.)I could more easily leave.

I saw a musician I recognised. I had translated some of his songs which were a mixture of original and traditional relating to Pisticci. So that would be worth staying for.

Then a local artist I hadn’t met before introduced himself and I saw that he had provided a series of poster size photos to add to the evening. It’s always good to meet other artists.

In fact , other than several people speaking, some of whom I understood better than others there was a guy who performed some kind of monolgue and then was joined by a woman.

I assume it was something historical
Giuseppe D’Avenia

In the meantime as I was just hanging around I was tapped on the shoulder by one of the organisers of the Christmas Market who had been looking for me to give me a refund of €20 . So I was now having a good time and richer.

The highlight of the evening was the arrival of the local traditional dance group, who also sing and do some minimal acting.

Local dance group. The Pacchianella di Pisticci.

By now my phone was dying, it was midnight and I was a little cold.

At this point I was approached by a couple asking if they could make an appointment to see me about getting a portrait done.

It was wonderful to be out and enjoying feeling like life was returning to normal.

Today has been fairly quiet.

I sat up by the little church for a while this morning before it became too hot.

Beautiful morning.

After managing to find photos of my next local scenes I drew the next one so that it’s ready to paint tomorrow .

It looks a little stormy outside which means it’s nice and cool.

Wine time now I think.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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