2022 in Pisticci….probably shouldn’t  have poked that bit of plaster. ….

I was busy making a stretcher for someone else’s painting. A big one. 190x75cms . I ‘d left the glue to dry for a while and was thinking that I would need to sweep behind the door as more plaster had fallen off the wall.

So I pulled a bit off and then another and then a bigger bit….and so it went ….


It’s quite satisfying pulling off bits of plaster. A bit like popping bubble wrap.

However once I was done with it, I found my tin of white paint and now it looks as fine as the rest of my house.

At least it shouldn’t keep falling off now.

Back to my stretcher where I had to staple on a canvas which was in 2 pieces.  I think it will be okay. I was quite impressed  with my woodworking skills.

I had planned to go out and buy wood, thereby getting some exercise, but discovered I had enough wood to manage.

While I was on a ” fixing” roll I thought that I would “fix” the floor which despite washing looks a bit rough. So I painted over all the worst bits.


My plan now is to dilute what little paint I have left and paint the whole floor. This might even out the colour. But even like that it looks better/cleaner than it did.

After lunch I was looking forward to a guest who had stayed in my little artist’s house 6 years ago, coming to visit. To pass the time before she arrived I did some work on my new painting.

Work in progress

It was lovely to chat about old times. I met so many lovely and interesting people while renting out my house.

We both spoke Italian as English wasn’t an option. Mostly we understood each other.

And now it’s wine time again. What a very satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

(I have a “thing” growing on my little tree in a pot. Only one “thing”. I don’t know what it is. )


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