2022 in Pisticci..procrastination and perfectionism.

Today started beautifully. After getting up before 6am I went outside with a coffee. It was lovely and I didn’t want to go back inside.

It occurred to me that , having moved my table outside the previous night that I could fix a painting that had been bothering me.


So I did. And it felt good. There are very few paintings where I couldn’t find something to fix, but I would never finish anything if I aimed for perfection.

It’s better now, but still not perfect.

Despite having 2 printers which also scan I couldn’t get either of them to make a reasonable photocopy of my ID cards so had to go uptown, keeping in the shade, to get a photocopy in the newsagents shop.

What a lovely view from that roof terrace.

It took me about an hour and a half when I got back to staple canvas on to the stretchers I made yesterday .


I should have then sent a message along with a sketch to the client.

I had a short read/ nap instead.

I should also have sketched an idea for a mural for someone else.

I spent ages looking at photos and old paintings I’d done of a similar subject.

I got out watercolour pad and sharpened my pencils and then decided I’d do it tomorrow. When I was thinking clearer. And I had a good idea and so on ..

To be fair I was a little worried about an appointment I had at 5pm . It was only 3 30pm.

I should know by now that putting things off just makes me more worried.

I got a piece of scrap paper and started scribbling a rough idea and , hurray, I have a plan. Phew!!!

The appointment at 5 went well and I walked back home with a neighbour.

I was on a roll so went upstairs to visit my other neighbour .

And now I’m sitting outside with a glass of wine , a cool wind is blowing and it feels great.


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