2022 in Pisticci…stuff is going on….

There was a fire truck at the end of my street and then neighbours gathered and were watching a lorry which was unloading gates presumably to block off the street just out of sight.

That crack is the problem

A police car has just passed the end of the road.

I’d like to go and see what’s happening ,but don’t want to go around the corner and be turned back by the police.

My neighbour has just driven off as usual at this time of night so he’s not worried.

Dirupo , where my house is ,was condemned for quite a long time as” simply put,” it might have slid down the hill. People were supposed to move out ( I believe) ,but they didn’t and life went on. About 2 or 3 years ago now the condemned notice was removed and “simply put” as long as no one jumped up and down very hard or whatever ,then it was considered that Dirupo was there to stay.

Needless to say I knew none of this when I bought my house.

However several years ago the whole of the hill at the end of my street was covered with some kind of netting costing thousands of euros. ( that was when the fence went up.)I’m lucky because I assume this was done to save the little church above me which is even closer to the edge than me. It is to be hoped that the netting was fire resistant and survived the 2 fires since it was laid down.

Having seen the fire engine…I rushed inside , got my clippers and hacked away at some more of the wilderness at the end of the street. Incase there was a fire on the way. Usually I hear it or smell it.

Not great , but better than it was.

It was after that I read on Facebook about the crack. (.But it was good that I actually cut some stuff. There is at least a small gap now. ) It’s the tree growing out of the garage roof that bothers me .

Other than that today I have mostly sketched ideas for a mural with hundreds of little houses, dyed my hair and kept cool

Right now I’m outside and there is a lovely breeze blowing. It has been hot, but I’ve been fine inside and not used the fan very much.

Can’t see the police car and lorry with barriers from here.

It’s been a satisfactory day. Next commission is approved and I think my latest mural sketch should be acceptable.

Definitely wine time now.


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