2022 in Pisticci…more feste…

Meeting an old friend , not seen for 3 years was a great way to spend the 2nd night of the feste.

Drinking something orange and alcoholic in a bar and then squeezing through the crowds to see San Rocco finally being brought home ,and including a fantastic display where we felt like we were in the middle as fireworks exploded overhead. Hard to beat.

And after years of covid I am appreciating every minute of being part of a crowd. Only one more night to go and then I might go back to being on the edge with a mask, but this has been in so many ways food for my soul.

The fireworks were actually overhead most of the time.
The end of a long journey all round Pisticci for San Rocco .

After a quick trip to the supermarket this morning I spent the day painting and reading. I’m not used to all these late nights so breaks are good.

Now I have 2 more local scenes finished.

Pleased with it at last.
Very happy with the steps.

Now I’ve the next one chosen to begin tomorrow.

However the highlight of my day was getting a parcel from the postman.


My new ( to me) David Hockney book arrived. I’ve flicked through it and can’t wait to start reading it tomorrow . Early mornings will be even better. 🌞

I’m not sure what is happening tonight on the last night of the feste. I think there might be another procession and maybe a big concert in the piazza. I’m just planning to go out about 9pm and see what happens.

For now , it’s wine time and a bit of Poirot.


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