2022 in Pisticci.. mostly feste…..

Having gone out last night with the intention of buying a cheap watch as souvenir from one of the market stalls, I found there weren’t any.

But I was lucky enough to arrive in the piazza at the same time as the procession with horses. ( thanks to dodging up a few back streets)

Beautiful horse
Am not sure which saint was being pulled by these white horses….or are they mules?
The procession also included a lot of scooters

Today was the big Procession where San Rocco has been ….and is still being carried around all Pisticci.

Waiting in via sterbini about midday.
First the police and the banner arrive. The table is ( I think) for San Rocco to rest on briefly.
Then a priest. There were several.
Then the people
Finally San Rocco arrives. The men in green take turns to carry him.
Starting off again.
Lots of money is stuck on the bottom of the statue.
This is how he is carried.
Finally , the brass band.

I think I’ ll take a walk up town later on tonight. Last night I had the choice of 2 bands in different piazzas, but I got fed up waiting for them to begin and went home. I could hear one from my doorstep….so didn’t feel I was missing much.

I worked on 2 paintings today. Am still not sure if I’m finished the first one…and the second is about 80% done.

Still thinking about this…
This is coming along ..

It’s definitely wine time now.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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