2022 in Pisticci…market, packing and selling paintings…….

Packing seems the wrong word to use for mostly putting all the things I put in my little rucksack last Tuesday back in again.

Going away for a week has a different feel to going for 2 weeks. Eggs and other things left in the fridge will still be usable when I get back.

Assuming of course I get back in a week. ( Did another covid test today, ( negative) just incase feeling sick was a new covid symptom .

Despite not feeling back to normal yet I went off to the market this morning. It always makes me feel on holiday. Didn’t buy anything , but met lots of people.

I’ve never noticed all the wind turbines before.
I painted this…..not awfully successfully.

This afternoon I sold 8 paintings, all but one from my series of 50 paintings of Pisticci. I am always surprised when I have an idea and it works. I might need to carry on and make it 100.

I’m very happy that a friend has offered to drive me to the airport on the way to do some shopping in Bari. No need to get up at 5am then. Hurray!!

I’m hoping that the strange sick feeling that I’ve had for the last week or so is finally getting better.

Now I can more or less relax….

Cheers 🍷

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